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Knowledge and access to key public and media opinion influencers are also imperative to ensure that the desired messages and perceptions are filtered through the correct channels to help build, define and maintain our client’s reputation at major times of change such as concerning demographic change, sustainability, corporate governance, health, planning and transport. By undertaking multi-stakeholder communications programmes, we help our clients connect to stakeholders and influence public policy. Through our proven relations with political institutions and the broader policy making community, we specialise in getting your message heard and understood by influencers and the people that matter and to help clients analyse key policy developments and its impact on their business affairs.

Welcome to Sterling Media |

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Political Communication, Advocacy & Lobbying

Government intelligence analysis

Campaign Strategy, Delivery & Management

Workshops, media training & monitoring

Blueprint Messages, Narratives & Values

Copy-writing and translation services

Collateral Development including White Papers

Thought-Leadership Programmes

Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement

Internal Communications

VIP, Celebrity & Influencer Endorsement

Cross-Marketing and Media Partnerships