Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups represent around 10% of the UK’s population
We provide discrete counsel and advice to our clients to manage a range of issues and touch-points.

But with several different languages, religions and cultural sensitivities to take into account, targeting this audience might seem a complex task for communications planners. Sterling has been building bridges between clients and the rich mix of Ethnic groups that are becoming the UK’s cultural foundations. Sterling has a specialist team of marketers that are experts in communication issues, products, services and campaigns to UK’s rich and diverse Ethnic population. With one of the UK’s leading Ethnic marketing divisions, Sterling has been at the forefront of raising the profile of minority issues to a national audience and helping to educate more perceived mainstream organisations to penetrate the UK’s diverse Ethnic social strata.

Political Communication, Advocacy & Lobbying

Spokesperson media training & communication workshop.

Campaign Strategy, Delivery & Management

Thought-Leadership Programmes

Internal Communications

Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement

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