Local is no longer the norm and international the exception.

Whether we need to act as the international hub for a global campaign

With centralised management or work in line with international guidelines to implement a strategy locally, we have an expert team of high level multi-lingual and multi-cultural specialists to ensure our activities address the target audience in line with specific social, cultural, economic and political nuances. Sterling’s team comprises international communication experts that have provided counsel to international businesses, private individuals, charities and government, across multiple media platforms and marketing channels, addressing complex briefs. We are experts in cross-over campaigns launching international brands in the UK and UK brands in the overseas markets.

Political Communication, Advocacy & Lobbying

Collateral Development including White Papers

Global Launches

Award Submissions and Speaker Engagements

Campaign Strategy, Delivery & Management

Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement

Workshops, media training & monitoring

Crisis Management & Damage Limitation